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Grizzly bear catching sockeye salmon in Katamai National Park Underwater shot of Florida alligator, shot in clear spring water. Young brown bear splasing in water. Elk in Alaska at evening. Trout rising to catch fly. Bear on Alaskan tundra at evening.

About Mark Emery


  • Producer/Director for National Geographic Televisionís The Seasons of the Salmon.
  • Associate Producer for National Geographic TVís The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
  • Director for 47 half hours of One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby, a thirteen week outdoor show on TNN.
  • Producer/Director for Bear Safety Film for the National Park Service.
  • Producer/Director for a film on Alaska Peninsula and Becharof Wildlife Refuge for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Producer/Director for Alaskaís Natural Harvest, a salmon film for state of Alaska.
  • Cameraman/Director for BBC shoot on manatees.
  • Cameraman for segment in PBS/Natures The Body Changers.
  • Director for a film on sculptress Susannah Holt.
  • Director for many national commercials including a High Definition for Galyanís, Rapala, Zebco, two for American Camper, many for Strike King , Arbogast, and RattleTrap.
  • Filmed above and underwater sections for a number of National Geographic Television programs in 16mm, digital video and stills.
  • Underwater camera for 35 episodes of One More Cast, four episodes of ESPNís The Hunt for Big Fish, and Field and Stream Television.
  • Consultant and on-camera talent for a French show, Ushuaia, documentary on Alaska and filming in Alaska.
  • Consultant and on-camera talent for a one hour Discovery documentary called Alligators.
  • Filmed lodge video for Ichingo Safari's in Chobe National Park, Botswana, Africa.
  • Location scout for numerous productions including: Wrigleyís gum, Dean Witter, Barnett Bank, Fuji Filmís Alligators, National Geographic Magazine, Sports Afield, Frito-Lay Sun Chips, Grey Poupon Mustard, Colorado Lottery, Discovery Channelís "Re-Leaf" program, Target Stores, Honda, Aqua Vision sunglasses, Kodak, Mariner Motors, Duetsche Bank, Publix, and seven Hunting and Fishing Library books.
  • Worked as a still photographer for Centel, and Burger King commercials


  • Co-wrote soundtrack for many National Geographic television shows including: The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, The Seasons of the Salmon, Cuban Crocodiles, Cutthroat Trout, River Otters, and Yellowstone Wild.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack music for 78 One More Cast shows for TNN.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack music for Walker's Cay Chronicles.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack music many shows on The Discovery Channel, including: The World of Sharks and Barracuda, The Great Shark Hunt, and Discovery Sport, a 23 week series.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack and opening music for In-Fishermanís show on TNN.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack and opening music for Angling Edge w/ Al Lindner.
  • Co-wrote music for national commercials including a series for Walt Disney World, Pro-Craft boats, Stren Line, MotorGuide, Strike King and many other commercials, industrials, jingles and soundtrack music for videos.
  • Co-wrote music for PBS shows Alligators and Manaslu.
  • Co-wrote soundtrack for five 13 week seasons of ESPNís The Hunt for Big Fish.
  • Co-wrote music for a movie promo for actor/director Christopher Atkins.
  • Wrote music for Fuji Film Company of Japan's longest running nature show Mutsugoro.
  • Wrote a classical piece for piano and cello and performed and recorded it with a cellist from the Miami Symphony Orchestra.
  • Arranged a fiddle tune with Alaska's state champion fiddler for TNN.


  • Still photographs have been featured on National Geographic Television and Discovery Channel.
  • Photos and or articles have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, London Times, Newsweek, Outdoor life, Outside magazine, The Discovery Channel On-line, Chevy Outdoors, In-Fisherman Magazine, Florida Sportsman,
    Angling Adventures Magazine, and the Hunting and Fishing Library book series, Loomis catalog, Storm Lures catalog, Zebcoís and Mannís catalog, Stren commercials and many others.
  • Photos have appeared as covers for telephone books, magazines, phone cards and calendars.


1994 Emery, co-wrote the soundtrack music, was underwater camera, and was Associate Producer of a one hour television show called the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes for National Geographic Explorer. It aired June 26, 1994.

1995-96 Emery produced two films one for the National Park Service the other for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Park Service piece on grizzly bears was produced in four languages on laser disk and was selected as a finalist in two categories at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for 1995. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife piece illustrated the rarely filmed Becharof and Peninsula wildlife refuges.

1997-98 Produced, directed, co-wrote the music and shot the underwater scenes for The Season of the Salmon produced with National Geographic Television. It aired on September 13th 1998. In April Emery and his wife Mary traveled to Cuba for National Geographic Television and spent two weeks in the swamps filming Cuban crocodiles. From 1996, to 2004 Emery directed, has been underwater cameraman, and co-wrote the music for a thirteen-week outdoor series for TNN called One More Cast. It now airs on the Outdoor Life Network. The summer of 1998 Mark filmed bears and salmon for a production for the PBS program Nature. He was also featured several times filming bears on the show Wild Things for Fox television. Seasons of the Salmon, was a finalist for best film and won best soundtrack for a nature program, from The Outdoors Writers of America Awards. The film was a finalist at the Carnegie Institute film festival, and received a bronze plaque from the Chris awards.

1999-00 Emery and Tracy Collins scored two half hour shows for National Geographic Television, The Cutthroats of Yellowstone and River Otters. Mark and his wife Mary finished a scout in Venezuela for National Geographic Television. Emery and Neil Rettig began a film on the commercial salmon fishery in Bristol Bay in Alaska. Mark directed 7 One More Cast shows for TNN. In 2000 Emery scored 13 half hours for One More Cast and finished a film on the commercial fishery in Alaska. In 2000 Mark filmed such diverse subjects as Manatees and Crocodiles, Yupik Eskimos and Mercury Motors and of course lots and lots of fish. His stills were on display in The Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida

2001 Emery and Collins scored 13 half hours for TNN, a film for National Geographic Television titled Yellowstone Wild that was entered by Geographic for an Emmy nomination and scored several commercials, as well as the opening for the In-Fisherman show on TNN and the music for The Walkers Cay Chronicles a 13 week series on ESPN. Emery filmed manatees and wrangled gators for the BBC, was on camera talent and shot for a National Geographic one hour Grizzlies in Alaska and directed a High Definition commercial for the Galyanís chain of outdoor stores, shot stills on assignment for the London Times on a salmon story, directed five half hours of One More Cast. A One More Cast that Mark directed, shot the underwater for and scored won best Film in the Outdoor Writers of America film festival and his Alaska's Natural Harvest won 4th place at the same festival. His stills were on display in The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa Florida.

2002 Directed seven One More Cast episodes and co-wrote music for 13 half hour shows. Shot movie film time lapse for national Gatorade spot. Scored several commercials for Strike King and Rapala. Shot underwater 35mm for Rapala commercial and worked in various capacities on several other state commercials. Large paintings computer generated from Emeryís stills were put up as murals in 23 Galyanís stores and Markís ugly mug was featured as 3-foot posters in 30 Gander Mountain stores.

2003 Shot and directed 2 national commercials for Zebco Quantum. Directed seven One More Cast episodes and co-wrote music for 13 half hour shows. Shot stills for Zebco catalog, for G Loomis, and for Stormís catalog. Produced a short film for use in restaurants to promote wild salmon over farm fish. Filmed pilot whales for a National Geographic PBS Special. Wrote the music for several Strike King Lure commercials and finished up a still a shoot for the Alaska Natural History center in Alaska for a book on Alaskaís parks. Filmed bears in Alaska as stock for a National Geographic Television show.


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