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Grizzly bear catching sockeye salmon in Katamai National Park Underwater shot of Florida alligator, shot in clear spring water. Young brown bear splasing in water. Elk in Alaska at evening. Trout rising to catch fly. Bear on Alaskan tundra at evening.

Mark Emery's Available Stock Footage:


  • The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
  • Salmon Streams in Alaska
  • The Commercial Salmon Fishery in Bristol Bay AK
  • Volcanoes in AK

Other film and digital video stock includes:

  • Underwater largemouth bass
  • Underwater longnose and spotted gar
  • Underwater redbellied sunfish and bluegill
  • Underwater manatee

Above water stock scenes include:

  • Extensive coverage of alligators above water shot in super 16 as well as HD. Including mating sequences, waterdance, bellowing, some feeding and water level full frame shots of gator eyes. Charging the camera at water level in slow motion, and biting the camera.
  • American egrets nesting, mating dance, feeding chicks, turning eggs.
  • Commercial salmon fishery in Alaska, setnetting on the beach in Naknek AK.
  • Purse seining in Sitka AK and gillnetting aboard a 32 footer in Bristol Bay AK.
  • Offloading salmon and inside the cannery, iron chink machine, workers filleting,
    and canning salmon.
  • Fishing in Alaska for salmon and trout on Super 16 and DV underwater to match

Salmon Underwater:

Wide coverage of everything from fresh fish swimming in rivers and lakes, to spawning and eggs hatching, above water salmon boiling upstream, bears chasing school of fish, jumping falls in slow motion and at normal speed, wides, mediums and tights of most scenes.

Bear Footage:

Bear Footage in 16 and super 16mm: I have filmed bears every summer for 20 years so we have a fairly extensive coverage in both film and stills and can shoot specific scenes if you need them. Bear stock footage includes, Sow with cubs, sharing salmon with cubs, nursing cubs, fighting, feeding, sleeping, digging day beds, eating grass, running through people, woofing, charging, stealing, robbing fish, bears around buildings, cubs playing, play fighting, yawning etc.


Scenics include Becharoff National Wildlife Refuge, Katmai National Park
tundra, spruce forests, and mountain scenics.


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